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And the winner is...

All the votes are in for the 2002 Pic of the Month competition. We had 18 judges including myself, and I'd like to thank everyone who cast a vote: Mark Bezuijen, Peter Braziatis, John Brueggen, Ruth Elsey, Gordon Grigg, David Kirshner, Mason Meers, Flavio Morrissiey, Bill Moss, John & Penny Pomeroy, Mark Read, Ralf Sommerlad, Gary Staab, Colin Stevenson, Katisha Wilson, Kent Vliet and Joe Wasilewski.

Each judge voted for their top 3 images, which received 3 (1st), 2 (2nd) or 1 (3rd) points. Nobody was allowed to vote for the two images taken by myself, for obvious reasons. When the final total was calculated, the top three were ranked as follows:

1st - Charles Booher - Cuban crocodile (35 points)

1st place - Charles Booher

2nd - Charles Booher
American alligator (19 points)

2st place - Charles Booher
    3rd - Charles Booher
Nile crocodile (16 points)

3rd place - Charles Booher

The winner of the best Pic of the Month submitted in 2002 was Charles Booher with his excellent rendition of a Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer). Cuban crocodiles are wily, smart, arrogant and beautiful crocs, and Charles has captured their attitude perfectly in his well-composed photograph. I think Gordon Grigg said it best: "I liked the Cuban Croc. It was the one that caught my eye immediately. It was also technically very good, with nice coloration and layout, and it showed a croc sitting up in a very alert posture, head high and looking very handsome and full of itself! For a croc in captivity, it also looks very fit and healthy." Charles took this picture on an overcast day, which not only brought out the crocodiles from the shade, but added a far more balanced tone to his picture. Congratulations Charles!

And congratulations again, for Charles' pictures were also voted in 2nd and 3rd place as well! Charles is now banned from entering this competition again! Only joking. However, his pictures were not the only ones to draw acclaim from the judges, and I've included several of their comments below.

Arctic Alligators (Sept) by Israel Dupont - "I like this one for artistic reasons. It isn't a run of the mill descriptive shot." Mason Meers

Arctic Alligators (Sept) by Israel Dupont - "For a purely 'arty' shot, this is very effective. Simple, but shows the beauty in the crocodilian form." Colin Stevenson

Trying to Blend In (July) by Mark van Doren - "Not the best shot for quality, but a reasonably uncommon shot of interactions between a mother and offspring in the wild." Mason Meers

Sepia Gators (June) by Israel Dupont - "The tone does bring out the texture and the position of them makes a nicely balanced geometric shape." Bill Moss

White Christmas (Dec) by John White - "I chose the albino next because it taught me something I didn't know, about albinism, and because it is shot of an animal in motion but still looks sharp. So technically good. " Gordon Grigg

Got a Cigar? (Aug) by Charles Booher - "Besides the fact that I think they are the most beautiful of the crocs, I felt the photo captured that alertness and quick-strike leaping ability that they are so well known for. It appears to be poised and ready to go - is it after the photographer? " Bill Moss

I must thank everyone who sent me a photograph during 2002, whether included in the Pic of the Month or not. It's your enthusiasm for crocodilians which produces such excellent pictures, and I'm glad that you share them with us. I've already received several photos for 2003, and I'll be including them here in the months to come. I always welcome submissions for future Pic of the Months, and you never know - you might win a prize in 2003.

Speaking of prizes, Charles Booher wins an Ilfochrome print for his top entry. He will be able to choose a print from those available on the Chinese Alligator Fund page, here.

Our first Pic of the Month for 2003 will appear here at the start of February. Don't miss it!

Would you like to enter your best photograph as a potential Pic of the Month? Send it to me and I'll include the best here each month. Each year I run a competition where the best photograph each year is awarded an Ilfochrome print. The only criteria for submitting a photograph is this: it must capture the attention.


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