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Big Gecko specialises in wildlife management, training, research and filming of crocodiles and other wildlife in northern Australia. Our personnel have two decades worth of experience at the national and international level in biological research and wildlife management, and we have a worldwide reputation when it comes to natural history and feature filming of crocodile behaviour. Presently, this website concentrates primarily on the filming and media aspects of our business.


December 2011
This has been an exciting year for Big Gecko, as we've continued our active and advisory roles in key management issues, expanded our training programme, and been involved in some groundbreaking research projects and natural history documentaries, which includes everything from underwater research with crocodiles to measuring the world's largest crocodile. You can probably tell we've been too busy to update our website for a while!

May 2010
We've been involved in so many different projects of late, it's hard to find the time to talk about them all. However, we're planning a major update to the website in the fairly near future to better cover what we do here. A number of major projects concerning crocodile management are running successfully, and we continue to work on a variety of exciting crocodile documentaries - some of which we can't really talk about yet.

March 2009
Big Gecko are currently undertaking a scientific review of the management of wild crocodile populations in Cape York Peninsula for the Queensland Government. We are also commenting upon the crocodile management programme in the Northern Territory, and are continuing work on crocodile population reviews for the Federal Government in Kakadu National Park. Our research into the pygmy freshwater crocodile and cane toad issue continues later this year in association with the Invasive Animals CRC. Finally, we have been busy with a number of international film crews including several from the National Geographic Society. Our goal remains keeping crocodile issues on the agenda and pushing for local and community awareness and involvement in these issues.

July 2008
We have been involved in a number of different projects in recent months, including consultancies and filming. On the latter front we have completed work with several film crews concentrating on the saltwater crocodile, underlining its importance for northern Australia. We have also mostly completed a major project for Crocosaurus Cove, a new tourism facility in Darwin: we produced all the educational signage for the saltwater crocodile displays, produced two short films on crocodiles, and were instrumental in the successful move of all the large crocodiles into the facility. Photographs will be available soon, together with more details on recent consultancies for the Queensland Government. We are preparing for a research project in August investigating the genetics of the pygmy freshwater crocodile around the Victoria River.

April 2008
A busy month so far on the media front! On 12 April we issued a press release discussing the attraction of crocodiles as stars on both the big screen and the small screen to coincide with the release of Black Water and David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood in Australia. Both feature fantastic saltwater crocodile sequences that Big Gecko worked on, and emphasise why people come from around the world to see our crocodiles.

On 8 April we issued a press release highlighting not only the recent work on American alligator blood, but also the discovery Adam Britton helped to make in 1998 about crocodillin - a powerful antibiotic in the blood of saltwater crocodiles.

On 3 April we issued a press release calling for a new public awareness campaign about crocodiles, motivated by three crocodile attacks in as many weeks. We strongly believe that crocodiles are a major asset to northern Australia, and safety around crocodiles has to be an integral part of ensuring that people understand and accept crocodiles in their waterways, as well as avoiding potentially fatal crocodile attacks.

February 2008
Big Gecko continues to bring international attention to crocodile conservation and management issues. In early February a number of media outlets highlighted our work with Bullo River on threatened pygmy crocodile populations. Please visit out Press Releases and Media page for more information. We have also updated our filming CV and added a link to some of the crocodile footage we obtained with David Attenborough for Life in Cold Blood which airs during February and March 2008.

November 2007
We are engaged in a number of research, consultancy and filming projects that are keeping us very busy. However, by January we hope to have a large update to the website covering the research and consultancy aspects of our work, along with a considerably enlarged selection of photos, video clips and other media.

July 2007
A few more photos are being added to the photo gallery page, and the working history has been extended back to 1995. We will be adding more photos later this month.

On 26 July we issued a media release in the Northern Territory entitled Keeping a Head on Crocodile Icons highlighting the value of large crocodiles to the NT, and the repercussions of removing them illegally.

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